Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery For The Malignant Cyst

Ovarian Cyst Removal

Are you one of the victims of ruptured ovarian cyst and looking for its right treatment? Ruptured ovarian cyst treatment depends on the factors like the damage done by disease and other associated complications with it. Being not a chronic patient, the treatment medicos would try to alleviate your problems. When you go to the hospital, the doctors would first assess your breathing and begin the treatment if required.

For the chronic patients who are in critical condition, ruptured ovarian cyst treatment involves culdocentesis which verifies the type of liquid in the abdominal cavity and its extent. As a part of treatment, you would be put on antibiotics even if you have no complications. For short term treatment, Gentamycin or its other components may also be used but the drug has little therapeutic value and therefore there cannot be any prolonged treatment using this drug. Apart from this, you also get penicillin and its variants as the part of treatment. Another drug called Metroniadazole acts against protozoa and other disease causing microorganisms.

Patients may also include cephalosporin drug like Cefotetan which is helpful because it attacks gram positive and gram -ve bacteria. Among pre-menopausal woman, doctors may also induce anovulatory state so as to check excess release of eggs. To get it corrected, oral contraceptive medicines may be used. The medications are helpful as they reduce the stimulus of the nerves that reach the ovaries helping in decreasing the risk and the cysts do not develop any more.

You will have to take antibiotics whether there have been complications or not. You may be treated with stronger antibiotics such as Gentamycin or its substitute in the short term. This drug is not that effective. You may also get the oldest antibiotic penicillin for treatment.

Metronidazole is another effective drug as it acts on several bacteria and other microorganisms. Cephalosporin is a drug which acts on different stains of bacteria. Ruptured ovarian cysts cause utter pain and can be cancerous too, therefore medicos suggest for ovarian cyst removal surgery.

Ovarian cyst removal surgery is the best option when the ovarian cyst turns malignant. There is a conservative option of key-hole surgery in this procedure where doctors make three small incisions and the procedure is known as Laparoscopy. Through these incisions are inserted in the abdominal area. However, there is another method where in larger incision is made in the abdominal area and the surgery is then called ‘open’. At the time of laparoscopy which is also called open surgery, the doctors send cystic ovarian tissue for biopsy and if it is found to be malignant then doctors would advise you to remove ovaries.

The surgery time to get recovered after the surgical removal of the cyst vary and depends on the type of surgery performed on the patient. Ovarian cysts may reoccur and therefore removal of ovaries is a permanent solution.

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